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Recruitment is the process of filling up the position in an organization which includes attracting the candidates with specific skills required for the job, screening the profiles of the candidates, and selecting the most suitable candidate who can fulfill the client expectation and capable to add values to the organization.


Job analysis


Screening and selection

Assisting in final interviews

Follow Up

Job Analysis:

This is the first step in the recruitment process which includes understanding of client's requirement through job description followed by collecting details matching the expectations for particular job profile. This helps us to identify the right candidates for the right job.


The next step is sourcing of the profiles which can be done through searching candidates having desired skills for the given job specification with the help of different tools/internal database.


Screening is the short-listing of candidates by identifying the prospective employees with required characteristics who best fit the position.

Assisting in Final interviews:

After getting the shortlisted profiles we schedule the interviews with the client. Recruiter acts as a mediator between the client and the candidate providing feedback both ways after interview.

Follow up:

Understanding the importance of follow up/progress phase, we keep in touch with the candidate until the time he/she joins the company.